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As a practitioner, I have found so much disappointment in the health world in general. From the lies and the harmful (sometimes fatal) effects of western medicine right down to the over-blasted price of Natural Health Services. 

I watch some Clients who need the services the most unable to afford it. Yet they are forced into the care of western medicine that bears witness to increasing their agony and sickness with harmful drugs, vaccinations and treatments putting them at risk.

In Canada, most of our western healthcare is paid. Slowly our benefits in the natural health are being eroded away. Yet some still persist on their rights to have the healthcare they choose. And rightfully so. If you choose western medicine routes. You should be entitled to that choice. If you choose natural health method, likewise, you should still be able to choose that route of care.

Watching the choice being eroded away has been agony. And then watching, ill-trained practitioners charge extraordinary amounts for a services that only required a couple weekends of training was completely dis-heartening.

The Chiropractic Association, the acupuncturists and massage therapists have done well to rally healthcare to recognize them. But even some of those benefits are being eroded away with changing governments. We can't count on government to provide adequate healthcare any longer in regions where they do.

With all that said, we have set out to build a system that works for all. This is a pilot program for now. But we can really see it being improved and built into something great. In the beginning we are developing it with one type of practitioner. As we develop the system more, we hope to incorporate more.

Modeled similar to insurance, we have incorporated an educational system and health coverage system into one. We will start small and release more education as it proceeds however we know the course availability will grow. Those who want more than the education system can upgrade to the coverage plans.

We invite you to check out the website for more information.