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Think of it like insurance but without the hassle of applying for it. Most legitimate professional practitioners cost in the neighbourhood of $100 to $150 per hour. And many insurance plans will not cover it. So when a person needs it, what are they to do?

And the uncertainty of today's economy makes it more difficult for those wanting the natural health care but just cannot take the risk of parting with larger sums of money.

You can kind of think of this like insurance but it is in membership format. It is added insurance that you never had but instead of being frowned upon at using it regularly, you are actually invited to use it to keep your life going on the proper track.


Three types of memberships

Although we have four packages, we really only have three types of memberships. The top two levels are the same type of membership however one is individual based and one is family based.

The Basic Package - is the free membership. It doesn't give you a lot of access except to the social board and maybe a few small webinars. It is really designed to give you information about what the whole program is about. 

The Bronze Package - is the first paid membership. Twenty dollars gives you unlimited access to all the educational content of the website. You will have access to regular courses, webinars and even online seminars when we host them. No there isn't any health benefits in this package however some people may not want to join for those benefits. Instead, their goals is to learn as much as possible about the natural health lifestyle. At this point most of the content will be personal transformation based. That is, we will be focusing on personal lifestyle education to help you get into the groove of maintaining a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

The Silver & Gold Packages - are both health based packages. The silver is for the single individual that has no other obligations. A monthly fee of $50 adds on to the education the access of Natural Health appointments. In the pilot program we will be only offering Natural BioEnergetics appointments (online) and a few in office therapies by the pioneering practitioners @ IVS. You will also have unlimited access to online group support sessions.

The Gold Package offers everything that the silver package offers only in multiple format for the family version.

To utilize any of the services in the packages listed above, you simply Take out a membership here.

Once the membership is processed, please allow for up to 24 hours for the package to be verified and activated.


We are very particular about what types of services will be added in the future. Due to this, when a practitioner applies to be included in our system, we reserve the right to research most services before making a determination of whether they comply with our standards of practice. Therefore, as a member, we ask you to please realize that we will role out new services (more in stage two) after we have fully researched the modality and the practitioner that we are bringing on board.

We don't want to be a directory of Natural Health practitioners so much but rather a viable alternative to natural health coverage. And listing modalities that only take a few weekends of training are not considered a sound alternative health care. Our goal is to build a sound system and not have it filled with questionable minimally trained individuals in systems where their therapy does not go into depth.