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Our Affiliates Program

Are you a Professional Affiliate Marketer? Or are you an Amateur Affiliate Marketer?

Or are you just looking for another stream of income to add to your website? No matter where you come from, you are all welcome to our affiliate program.

Our program is health based. We offer Natural Health Membership Network Benefits. A relatively new concept that we are starting up to make up for the holes that many insurance plans leave. We need your expertise to help us get this system off the ground.

Our memberships offer Education, and natural health coverage and will be adding more benefits as time goes on. We are in the early stages of our launch and we are looking for your help to bring it into the next stage where we open it up to more practitioners.

For every membership you bring in, you will receive a 12% commission. And you will receive a 12% residual for as long as they are members and keep renewing their membership. Commissions are as follow

Subscription Package Price Commission
Bronze Package $20 $2.4
Silver Package $50 $6
Gold Package $100 $12


All you have to do is take out a Basic FREE Package membership and our system will auto-generate your affiliate link once the account has been approved. (However, all membership plans will auto-generate an affiliate link) Please give us 2 to 3 hours to approve the account.

Payouts for the previous month will be on or around the 1st of the following month. (Example: January's commissions will be paid out in March 1)You will be required to have a Paypal account of which you can enter the info once your account has been approved. 

In order to receive a payout, you will have to update your account and paypal information in your account. Please visit our Full Affiliates Terms of Service.

And your affiliate account will also give you access to our basic package benefits like the webinar series for your own interest.


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